MAMMA-PILLO – The ultimate over-arm breastfeeding and formula support pillow.

This week’s product of the week is from the talented Mumma over at @mammapillo. The product I am talking about is designed to help support breastfeeding and formula feeding mumma’s.

We all know that being a mum is tough, physically draining and downright exhausting, especially during the newborn stage! This is why Mamma Pillo was created, to assist in making breastfeeding and formula feed more comfortable and relaxing for both you and the bub.

This product is portable and easy to use both at home and whilst you are out and about. There are a variety of stylish designs you can choose from and these pillows can be put straight into your bag when you’re heading out.

Its sleek design means all you have to do is simply slip it over your forearm and you’re ready to feed. Due to it ultra comfortable design it helps to gently support your babies head and neck throughout your feeding sessions and positions your baby into the optimal feeding position helping to combat gas, reflux and regurgitation.

These products are easy to clean as they have removable covers, liners and you don’t need to wash the pillow after every feed, just slip off the soiled cover and replace which a clean one.

PRODUCT WARNING – DO NOT leave child unsupervised with this item due to suffocation risk. It is intended to be used under the supervision of an adult and only worn by adults.

Head over to @mammapillo or to check out their product range.

 Below I have provided you with some reviews from Mums who have purchased the pillow and had nothing but praise for this product.

“When my son was little I was determined to breastfeed! It was hard and as he grew older and bigger it became more difficult. He would move around more and was more heavy. The day our mammapillo came was the day breastfeeding literally changed for us! The comfort of the pillo supportted his head better than my boney arm and kept him still!! We both feel in love! It was so easy to use and so easy to keep clean. It became more than a nursing support pillow it became a comforter! Mamma pillo is the only reason we made it this far, 22 months!!!” – Brooke Rowlands

“So… breastfeeding is meant to be one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world. Well, for me, at least initially, it was neither of those things! I had no idea what to expect about breastfeeding, other than it was one way for my little munchkin to be fed. I was determined to try it and to be successful at it, but I’m also a realistic person and if it wasn’t happening then that would be ok too. My motto, back then and still is now is, fed is best 👌🏻 I was using pillows to help with feeding which were big and bulky. I then found the lovely Carrie at @mammapillo and it literally saved my sanity. I was able to take out the stylish mamma pillo and not look dorky by taking out a pillow from my bed! They are super comfy and now Eddie associates the pillow with feeding too! The interchangeable covers are super easy to get on and off and are so stylish! We are now over 9 months into our breastfeeding journey and most of that is due to the Mamma Pillo! ” – Sarah Crispin

“I’m a mum to two beautiful girls, my first is now 3 years old. I breastfed her for 5 weeks, it was hard I had no idea what I was doing one big factor was how I positioned the two of us, I did it wrong & it just didn’t work out, fast forward 3 years I am proudly breastfeeding my second girl who is 10 weeks old. I have never been so confident in my life about feeding a baby. But what makes my life so much easier is a mamma-pillo, it positions her so well & no dead arm for me, it’s lightweight & stylish! We couldn’t be happier!” -Katherine Murphy

“Evie has always been on the big side (12kg at 10months old) so holding her while giving her the bottle was a challenge! Then along came Mamma-Pillo 😍 Honestly the best invention for feeding! We use it every feed and you can notice how much more comfortable she is while feeding. Its comfortable on my arm too, like a cloud or a whole bunch of cotton wool! Evie also uses it as a bit of a comforter or just for a pillow when having a quick rest from her busy life. Thank you Mamma-Pillo for providing a comfortable, stylish, affordable and practical item that can assist mums all over the world!” – Renee Medland

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